Our history

Hi, my name is Elena. I'm a teacher, creator of educational content, and founder of Hablanorsk - an online Norwegian academy.

I started teaching Norwegian as a foreign language in 2012 while still studying in Malaga, a beautiful Andalusian city located on the coast of Spain.

Throughout my professional career as a Norwegian teacher, I have been able to identify the needs and difficulties that students have when learning this Scandinavian language in order to anticipate and solve any possible doubts in the simplest and most effective way.

In my experience, what tends to be the most challenging is maintaining a conversation in Norwegian and correct pronunciation. With the goal of helping people with these challenges, my Hablanorsk project was born in 2019, first as a YouTube channel and then as an online academy for anyone who wants to learn Norwegian.

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By 2023, Hablanorsk has grown and become an academy with a team of several Norwegian teachers who provide quality classes and help their students achieve their goals.

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Our team

Elena, founder and Norwegian teacher

"I am an experienced Norwegian teacher, and I am here to help my students achieve their language goals. My teaching method is practical and effective, as I focus on improving conversation skills and listening comprehension to be able to speak Norwegian in a short amount of time.

My main objective is for my students to be prepared to effectively communicate in Norwegian and understand Norwegian culture. That is why in my classes, I use a communicative approach, where students learn the language through oral practice and interaction in real-life situations. I am passionate about teaching languages and am committed to the success of my students".

Laura, Norwegian teacher

"My main motivation as a teacher is to accompany my students on their language learning journey and help them achieve their goals. I love seeing them improve day by day with their effort and dedication.

I enjoy teaching with a clear and practical structure, so that students can easily understand the language and apply it in everyday situations.

I focus on ensuring that my students are able to understand and express themselves correctly in the language. To achieve this, I encourage oral practice in classes and use resources that allow them to develop their communication skills effectively."

Elena P., Norwegian teacher

"I am an experienced teacher with a passion for foreign languages. My goal is to help my students learn Norwegian effectively and support them in their development of reading, writing, and communication skills.

I believe that creating an inclusive learning environment is essential to motivate students. Therefore, I strive to create an atmosphere where students feel safe and respected, and where they have the opportunity to learn and explore the language.

I adapt my teaching to the individual learning needs and challenges of each student and use various teaching methods to make the classes enjoyable.

Feedback is important during language learning. That's why I provide constructive feedback on strengths and weaknesses and work together with students to find the best ways to overcome challenges. In class, we speak 100% Norwegian."

Our methodology

Our Norwegian teaching methodology is based on the following principles:

Conversation in everyday and real-life situations:

  • Relevant and useful language skills for daily life
  • Use of multimedia resources to make classes entertaining and motivating

Adaptation to the needs and preferences of the student:

  • Adaptation of each session to the learning needs and preferences of each student
  • Practical and effective focus on the language skills necessary for effective communication in Norwegian

Exploration of Norwegian culture and history:

  • Providing information and knowledge about Norwegian culture and history to understand the country's cultural and social context
  • Developing a deeper and more complete understanding of the language.