Frequently asked questions

Are the courses online?

Yes. All the courses are online with live classes. There is constant interaction between students and the teacher.

On what platform are the classes taught?

Zoom. The student receives the access link to the virtual class that they will use throughout the course.

Where can I find the materials?

We use Dropbox to share the materials. After the course, all the materials will be saved in a folder on Google Drive.

Are the classes recorded?

Yes. All the classes are recorded, and the student will have access to the folder on Dropbox where the class videos are uploaded to watch and review at their own pace.

What should I do if I can't attend some classes in the course?

In case of having to miss the course for more than two consecutive days, you should contact the teacher. There is a possibility of making up the classes in another group, if possible. In addition, even if you miss classes, it is highly recommended to watch the recorded videos to keep up-to-date.

What is the course program like?

The courses are based on the textbook as well as Hablanorsk's own material. The Norwegian courses are focused on the daily use of the language and conversations that can occur in real situations. Some days there is a lot of vocabulary and grammar information, which is why it is recommended to review the class on your own by watching the video and taking notes. A specific plan is developed for each level. However, the classes are adapted to the pace of the students.

What textbooks are used in the course?

In addition to Hablanorsk's own material, the following textbooks are used:

  • Nivel A1-A2: På Vei 2018 
  • Nivel B1: Stein På Stein 2021
  • Nivel B1-B2: Her På Berget 2016

It's always good to have a physical book, but it's not mandatory.

What is included in the price of the course?

  • Live group sessions on Zoom for two hours per section where explanations are given and conversation is practiced.

  • Study materialRecorded class videos.

  • Level exam after completing the course.

  • Certificate of course completion and exam approval.

  • This certificate is not valid for applying for Norwegian citizenship.

  • WhatsApp group chat with the teacher.